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Leo, thank you for your site, i can appreciate it since i retired from the computer business and oh also to be said, I started back with DOS 1.1:) keep up the good work.This company recently purchased another and acquired another tower that is much closer to us.

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There is a yagi antenna on my roof pointed toward a site that is 10 miles away.

Needless to say, we cancelled the Wild Blue upgrade within the first day.

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I sometimes get as fast as 3mbs, which is much better than the 24kbs I was getting with dial-up.Internet In My Area offers you the best kind. and affordable Internet service in my area but didn.There is a little power inserter in the line near the computer to power everything.Also keep in mind i was told after i asked this question that they are also making a new USB device that may be able to use Cradlepoints wireless router, To say the least this is yet to be seen.How can one lobby the telcos or legislatures to have broadband service installed.

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Regardless of technology, the speed may vary dramatically based on location and.

The new 3g aircards are much faster than the old 1xRTT cards.I live in the country in SW Michigan, work from home, absolutely need high speed and so I have Hughes Net Satellite.for most of the 2 years I have had it, worked ok, at least for working.Shopping In My Area. Internet. Populous states and major metropolitan areas will usually have the most options available to residents.Add to that the fact that my home is in a fairly cellular dead zone.

If you have a question, start by using the search box up at the.I spoke to datajack customer serice and was told by them that they are moving to another carrier.Skip the sales people and go directly to customer support or billing to.Click below to see all the devices that have coverage in your area.Latency: When you use a satellite the information is bounced off of that.Like right doing this because I cannot work for a living because of satellite.Windstream is a leading home internet service provider with High Speed Internet.

Capacity: you may not get the highest speeds, and in fact you might be.Verizon has several Internet options, including: High Speed Internet,.

I also live in an area that borders optical fiber service, but like Mr.It is really sad that there are so many of us with few and poor options for service.I rreally dont know what my speed is but it is good enough for me.I live in an industrial place where only Att dsl is offered but the customer service is terrible. 3 weeks and still no service.

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Another benefit for spending that money for a business level service is that when something goes wrong technicians show up.Cable Providers in My Area. your particular situation is to search for cable internet providers in your area by zip. internet and cable TV are an option.Less than three miles from two major interstates and are unable to get DSL or cable even though the house right across the road from us has cable.

This means that regardless of whether you live in an urban area or in a remote area in the mountains you can still enjoy.Dropped Calls: they happen in voice, and they happen in data.

Business Internet Providers in My Area. Sponsor Ad. Sponsor Ad.WiMax is another wireless technology that promises to provide high speed.

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