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List of Iraq government companies that make up the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.By lashing out at Turkey and Kurdistan, Baghdad could make a tense situation worse.Antiwar protestors insisted that the U.S. invaded Iraq for its oil, but nobody seems to have told the Iraqis.Here is the list of the main companies: Vast Exploration Inc. is an independent oil and gas company.The Iraq War was only partly, however, about big profits for Anglo-American oil conglomerates - that would be a bonus (one which in the end has failed to materialise to the degree hoped for - not for want of trying though).At the same time, some foreign oil majors, such as BP PLC, have preferred the security of stable, long-term oil contracts in the oil-rich southern part of Iraq, which involve less capital expenditure and a quicker payoff than looking for oil in the north.

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That could allow Kurdistan to export as much as 400,000 barrels a day of oil to Turkey, rather than relying on smaller amounts of oil shipped across the border by truck.

ExxonMobil, for instance, had a big stake in a massive oil field in southern Iraq, and was threatened by Baghdad when it inked deals for oil exploration in Kurdistan.RIGZONE Company Directory - find companies in the oil and gas industry.

A series of news reports, for instance, confirmed how the State Department had set up 17 separate working groups to work out this post-war plan.Foreign companies could soon be pumping Iraqi oil for the first time in nearly 40 years.He has reported from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and, contrary to rumors, has absolutely no plans to resume his bullfighting career.List of top Oil Companies in Kurdistan from Iraq Business News.House Intel Panel Agrees to Investigate Any Trump-Russia Ties.

The list of companies operating in Kurdistan is growing regularly.An oil rich region once ruled by Hammurabi, the Romans, and the Ottoman Empire, Kurdistan is a geographical region that spreads.French, Ian Johnson, Jeremiah Jenne, Pamela Kyle Crossley, Robert A.Contact in Iraq: Jonathan Allen. have a significant portfolio of Oil and Gas sector clients in Iraq,.As the first private petroleum company in Iraq,Launched in 1996, Iraq Oil.

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What It Takes to Get an Alleged Mass Rapist and 67 Militiamen Arrested in Congo.National oil companies, who controlled less than 10 percent of reserves in the 1970s, now control.

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Many international majors and large national oil companies operating in Iraq.Baghdad says that under the constitution, the Iraqi central government has the sole right to export oil and distribute revenues.For years, Iraq has been trying to finalize a national hydrocarbons law that would determine once and for all how to share oil revenues across the different regions and clarify legal issues regarding ownership and exports of natural resources.Luaibi also threatened to blacklist Turkish companies from doing business in Iraq if they helped the Kurds move the oil out of their semi-autonomous region in northern Iraq.

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The Turkish and Iraqi embassies in Washington did not respond to requests for comment by late Friday afternoon.

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The leaders of the United States have provided many reasons for their numerous interventions in Iraq.The Company has a 45 percent operated working interest in the Harir.Mapped: The Islamic State Is Losing Its Territory -- and Fast.